About Us

Sahiba Accessories defines me for my Punjabi roots……

As a young child, I have always loved Asian clothes and jewellery. The bright colours mesmerised me, brought me joy and made me feel a million dollars. My trips to India started back in 1976 with my family and as I got older I began to appreciate the wealth of fashion, style and talent that the country had to offer.  Where else could you enter a small backstreet shop and bring to life your creation fully; be it clothes or jewellery?  Every girl feels like a designer, I certainly did.   I’ve always wanted that connection with my roots and finally I’m bringing you Sahiba Accessories.  A dream that I’ve had for many many years (don’t want to give away my age).

So why start now? I hear you ask. Well as a professional working mum of two boys it is difficult to share this girlie love with my boys.   I want to live my dream and see where it takes me, yes its already been hard work and yes I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, but if it’s one thing I have learnt in life generally, nothing comes easy.

So, my Sahibas, if you want to live your dream, pursue it… “Failure is an event, not a person”.

I hope you fall in love with my collection of unique and elegant jewellery. Xx